Become a Certified Efficiency Expert

CEE Certification is a credential that is earned after students have taken the training and certification requirements to attain the designation. It proves the student is trained and knowledgable on all aspects of ECM technology / Information & content management; from workflow analysis and image capture to sales and system management.

Becoming a Certified Efficiency Expert is a comprehensive process, as the student will go through multiple trainings, create a white paper, take an exam and have demonstrated the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the process and earn the certification.

The trainings are delivered through a series of “blended learning” styles and are chosen by our senior instructor after a telephone evaluation with the student. The purpose of this evaluation is to identify any previous trainings, establish the levels of current experience and determine job skills needed for the students career path.

Benefits of becoming CEE certified

  • CEE certification helps the student to stand-out when applying for a job or seeking a promotion
  • Having the certification proves the individual is competent to work on high-level ECM projects
  • Individuals with the designation have advanced skills in the industry
  • To achieve the designation requires hard work, intense studying and focus to stay on-task, which shows prospective employers and managers that the certified individual is committed, results oriented and diligent
  • The breadth of education and training provided to earn the credential is broad and thorough, covering much of the components of ECM. Students that complete the training are highly adept, having gained an extraordinary, in-depth knowledge of the space.

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EMPLOYER: To verify the validity of an individual’s certification, call (774) 452-6168.


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