CEE (Certified Efficiency Expert)


About the Certified Efficiency Expert

CEE Certification is a credential earned after students have taken the training and certification requirements to attain the designation. It proves the student is trained, skilled, and able to implement, assess, identify, and improve business processes.

The Certified Efficiency Expert can identify bottlenecks and unproductive processes at all levels in the organization. Additionally, through this training, they develop a “systems thinking” mindset that enables them to look at any process or operation they encounter and identify ways of making it more efficient. The certified expert can manage projects, perform or oversee business application implementations, create efficient workflows, map dependencies from process to process cross-functional departments and from team members to team members. They can also understand business acumen, help a company become paperless, identify and implement effective technology that meets its business objectives, and understand who is impacted by the change.

A CEE has high-level knowledge in:

  • ECM (Enterprise Content Management) technology
  • Information & Content Management
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Business Automation
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Image capture
  • High-production document imaging
  • Scanning processes
  • ECM Solution Sales
  • Practical applications that relate to improving workplace efficiencies
  • Efficiency

About the Certified Efficiency Expert Levels

Certified Efficiency Expert: CEE

Obtaining CEE certification is a process of completing the training requirements that provide the educational content necessary for certification. Your learning path is determined by looking at your experience, career goals, and any existing certifications. Once we identify the qualifying courses you will need, you can begin training at your convenience.

The training is delivered through online self-study, ebooks, virtual training courses, hands-on sessions, and a final exam. This can take a few weeks to a few months.

During your time with the instructor, whether virtual or in the classroom, the curriculum covering multiple topics of ECM is deeply explored. In addition, the student will undergo several evaluations and practical application assessments.

The training for CEE is comprehensive and hands-on, culminating in the students’ ability to comprehend business acumen and perform a high-level needs analysis.


Students must understand the basics of ECM; document imaging, document management, and their terminologies.

Certified Efficiency Master Expert: CEEm

Becoming a Certified Efficiency Expert Master is a comprehensive process. CEE’s will go through multiple training courses, demonstrate proof of performing successful needs analysis for their own clients, document a case study, and pass a final exam to demonstrate they have the necessary skills and knowledge to earn the CEEm certification.


To qualify for CEEm, a student must have the CEE certification, a minimum of one year working as a consultant, and at least 240 hours of documented consulting projects.

Become CEE Certified

This CEE is analyzing the data collected from performing a needs assessment for their corporate client. You can, too, once you’ve become a Certified Efficiency Expert! Contact us to get your free evaluation, and we will create your learning path to CEE!

Benefits of Becoming a
Certified Efficiency Expert

  • Having the certification proves the individual is competent to work on high-level ECM projects
  • Individuals with the designation have advanced skills in the industry
  • The breadth of education and training provided to earn the CEE credential is broad, covering many topics extensively.
  • ¬†Students that complete the training are highly adept, having gained an extraordinary, in-depth knowledge of the space.
  • CEE certification helps the student to stand out when applying for a job or seeking a promotion
  • Employers can feel confident putting the CEE to work on high-level ECM projects
  • A CEE knows exactly how to make an operation or process more efficient

Certified Efficiency Expert Company: CEEco

ECM companies that have more than 50% of a combination of their direct sales and technical staff that have earned the CEE designation can qualify to earn the CEEco approved status. The ratio must be maintained to keep the certification status.

For companies interested in obtaining the CEEco certification status, please call 774-922-4556 and talk to a customer service representative today to learn how to get your team certified or fill out the form below, and a representative will call you shortly.