CEE (Certified Efficiency Expert)


The Certified Efficiency Expert (“CEE”) certification is for individuals who either go into the field and consult with companies regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of their business workflows or who are internal to an organization seeking to optimize existing workflow processes.

Certified Efficiency Expert (CEE) Training

This course helps train consultants or internal employees to recognize inefficiencies in business processes and to either build new effective workflows or optimize existing ones. The training fosters the understanding required to identify waste, redundancy, defects, and rework, which cause poor customer service, lack of ESG compliance, cost overruns, and the inability to get things done at the speed of today’s business.

Course participants will develop the skill set to isolate these inefficiencies and identify and map dependencies from process to process cross-functional departments and team members to team members. They learn to build a Findings Report that clearly shows the current state and provides proactive keys to a future state via an executable action plan. Additionally, through this training, students are shown how a “systems thinking” mindset will enable them to look at any function or operation they encounter and identify ways of making it more efficient and effective.

Become CEE Certified

This CEE analyzes the data collected from performing a workflow analysis. You can, too, once you’ve become a Certified Efficiency Expert!

Benefits of Becoming a
Certified Efficiency Expert

  • Certification demonstrates proficiency in workflow Business Process Improvement.
  • The certification proves the individual can suggest effective workflow changes with measurable results.
  • A salesperson gets a differentiating talk track, not about the product but business acumen.
  • Students gain a solid propensity to identify waste.
  • CEE certification helps the student to stand out when applying for a job, seeking a promotion, or getting selected to manage a project.
  • Learn to share “the cost of doing nothing” (actual costs of ignoring a problem).
  • Employers can feel confident putting the CEE to work on ECM projects.
  • A CEE knows how to make a business operation or process more efficient.

The certified expert is well-positioned to make Business Process Improvement (BPI) a reality!

A CEE can show quantifiable financials to cost-justify the change. They can speak with executives and managers at a level that shows they understand business acumen, recommend effective technology that helps a company achieve its business and paperless objectives, and know how to use change management principles to ensure sustainable change.

Be an Efficiency Expert!

Skills and Knowledge Gained

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Technology
  • Information Management
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Document Imaging/Capture Solutions
  • Document Management
  • Efficiency Minded
  • Workplace of the Future
  • Trust & Confidence

Gained or Enhanced Capabilities

  • Digital Transformation
  • Streamline Workflows
  • Automate Workflows
  • Evaluate Software
  • Corporate Governance Guidance
  • Evaluate Vendors
  • Perform Needs Analysis
  • Establish Project ROI
  • Recommend/Implement Solutions
  • Generate a Comprehensive Findings Report

Benefits You'll Receive

  • Access to the Instructor’s Help
  • Assistance/Project Evaluations
  • Tools and Resources
  • Continuing Education
  • Job/Project Opportunities
  • Discounted Training Courses at ECM Institute
  • CEE Membership Status
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Networking Events/Meetups
  • High Demand for Your Skill

Business Process Improvement

Concerning process improvement, today, there are various choices of software, hardware, and workflow solutions and many different ways to implement them – from on-premise and cloud-based to platform as a service (PaaS). It behooves the consultant, sales professional, or internal employee to understand where each one fits concerning the company’s specific business and technical requirements.

CEE Practitioner

Certified Efficiency Expert Level One is a Practitioner. They are using their knowledge in the workplace and gaining experience.

CEE Specialist

Certified Efficiency Expert Level Two is a Specialist. They have a specific focus that either technical or sales.

CEE Master

Certified Efficiency Expert Level Three is a Master. They have honed their craft through experience in the field.

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