Automating Business Processes Sales Training

Automating Business Processes Sales Training

Problem: Sales person is not able to bird-dog a Business Process Improvement sale because they can not identify their client’s pain. Solution: Learn how the client’s business workflows operate for common business processes, such as; HR, Finance, Education, and Medical.

You can’t apply your solution if you don’t know HOW IT FITS!

Automating Business Processes Sales Training

Learn how to bird-dog a sales opportunity by getting a solid understanding of how your client’s business processes work.

Understanding how Invoice processing (AP), the new-hire on-boarding process (HR), student records (Education), patient record management (Health Record), contract management process (Sales) works at the client’s site  will put you in a position to be able to ‘bird-dog’ an opportunity and recommend a solution that will actually fit your client’s need. This will set you apart from being just a salesperson, but rather you are viewed as a valued consultant. (Consultants sell based on value and money saved! Salespeople sell on features and cost.)

Learn the ‘business acumen’ and become better educated regarding business operations.

Right now, the struggle is; you are trying to sell an ECM solution that you know has the power to streamline your client’s workflows, but you do not know enough about what the workflow should do.

If you knew how to bridge the gap between what the client’s business requirements are, and how your solution can take away their pain,  you would sell more – and, get a better price for your services!

Your clients would receive a solution where all the benefits of the system can be fully utilized. They would experience an improved bottom-line from increased productivity resulting from efficient workflows for all business processes. You will have happy clients and increased profits.

This training class will give you the confidence to speak with your clients intelligently about business processes, as well as help you gain the edge needed to close more sales. It’s that simple – but that’s everything!

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  • ECM Solution Salespersons / Sales Teams
  • ECM Solution Sales Managers
  • People that want to understand how common business processes work and how to automate them
  • Those that have a Business Process Improvement solution but need a solid understanding of how to sell, understand processes or  implement solutions in a client’s environment

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Public Classes

Public training classes are held periodically in Sturbridge, Massachusetts and in other convenient locations as scheduled. Classes are kept small so that all students can benefit from class discussions and interactions with the instructor.

Virtual Online Classes

Online training classes are held periodically and are live sessions where the instructor and registered students meet at a scheduled date and time for two – three hours per evening, for three days.

On-site Group Trainings

The instructor will travel to your desired location or office to hold the training for your group. A minimum of 8-students required.

Virtual Instructor-led Training (Online)

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