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Consultants, Specialists and Project Managers
Tell us about your project and we'll find you the help you need!

Looking for a highly skilled consultant for your next project?

We have a pool of talented freelancers and small business owners that we can choose from to help you with your Enterprise Content Management project. Tell us about your project and we’ll match you with a qualified professional. Our vetting process will ensure that the expert or experts that we partner with are highly qualified and capable to help.

Our partners have solid work experience, are well-trained and typically certified. Our partners of consultants, specialists and project managers are hired to work:

  • Project based, temporary

  • Contract terms, up to x months

  • Full-time, permanent or temporary

  • Part-time, temporary

Types of Projects

  • Needs Assessments / Needs Analysis

  • ECM evaluations

  • ECM implementations

  • Scanning operators – backfile scanning projects

  • Business Process Improvement analysis

  • ECM training

  • Software training

  • Trainers for your ECM application / solution

  • Custom course development

  • eLearning creation and delivery

  • Talent acquisition

How it Works

You fill out the form below and tell us all about your project and what you want the consultant to be able to help you with. We then check our professional pool of skilled partners for the matching talent before confirming interest and availability with them.

You enter into an agreement with us and we hire the expert to meet your needs. You get the results you want and our partner gets another project.

There is no cost for this service. You just pay for the work. You save the time it takes to find the talent needed for your project!

We have partners in many countries across the globe. Inquire to see if we have a partner in your area.

Fill-out the form below to speak with an ECM Institute representative about your project today. You may also call us at 1-774-241-3424.

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