ECM Needs Assessment Training

ECM Needs Assessment Training

Learn how to shorten the sales-cycle and cost-justify your solution.

We have taken 16-years to developed a vendor-neutral training course and software program to teach and guide others in the proper methods and procedures for performing and gathering data for ECM Needs Assessments.

Conducting exhaustive research, gathering feedback and input from our students and partners, and expertise from our subject matter experts, we developed the ECM Needs Assessment Training course.

Complete, on-point and specific, it enables you to deliver solid proof to quantify: 1) how much your client spends doing manual tasks 2) the time it takes 3) who is involved, and 4) where the snags are. Then, you compare that to your automated suggestion and the decision becomes a no-brainer for them! [This drastically shortens the sales-cycle!!]

About the Training
This ECM Needs Assessment Training Course is not just a class, but a series of tools, guidance documents, and templates that will take any imaging professional through the entire needs assessment process. The tool is very comprehensive, providing templates that guide the process of interviewing the client, gathering the data, documenting workflows and preparing the report.  And there is more… you can get paid for it!!

Provided Resources:

  • A sales survey template designed to identify the present costs of handling paper
  • Objection listing, covering most common objections and how to overcome
  • WORD and Excel template files, for modification to specific clients
  • ‘Helps’ for estimating document volumes
  • A design guidance document
  • A complete “boiler plate” needs assessment report you can modify
  • Many other SALES support documents and compliance overviews

Agenda – Level 1 & 2

Level 1 – Theories & Methods:
Day 1:
focuses on document imaging sales and the components and methods of the document imaging sales cycle.

  • Part 1 ECM Assessment Sales Guidance
  • Part 2 Data Collection
  • Part 3 Data Analysis
  • Part 4 Report Preparation

Level 2 – Conducting a Mock Assessment:
Day 2:
is devoted entirely to completing a mock assessment. Students conduct the survey with the provided ECM Needs Assessment Tool Kit ‘helps’, compiling results, and round-table what will be included in the report. When the course is over, the students will have conducted a mock needs assessment!

  • Part 1 Tool-kit templates & Tour
  • Part 2 Conducting a Survey
  • Part 3 Compiling Results
  • Part 4 Report Preparation

Become an expert at performing needs assessments today, call us at (774) 452-6168

A properly performed Needs Assessment is proven to shorten the sales cycle!

Training Formats Available:

Virtual “Live” Class
Public and Private. Public classes are announced on the calendar. Call to arrange your private class. No minimum student requirement.

Public and Private. Public classes are announced on the calendar. Call to arrange your private on-site class.

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