ECM Solutions Sales

ECM Solution Sales

Business Acumen for Targeted Solutions

Learn how to speak their language, then bridge the gap between customer NEEDS and your SOLUTIONS

This course content is focused on ECM solution sales (Enterprise Content Management). Our instructors use real-life situations, case studies, and examples from industry experiences.  Students learn better when they hear these examples and can relate to them. Role-plays in the classroom are extremely helpful and are always described as our students’ favorite part of the training. The instructor provides examples of successful projects and walks through the needs assessment that captured the data that helped close the sale.
Students will learn how to shorten the sales cycle by relating directly to the client’s business problems! Gaining a solid understanding of ECM Solution Sales, and the client’s problems (pain points) is key to finding the right solution. This training enables you to carry on a knowledgeable business conversation. 

Learn closing techniques specific to information management sales. And how to establish the value of selling a proper ‘Needs Assessment’ and what questions to ask. Students will gain a solid understanding of business acumen for several workflows of typical business processes for Legal, Banking, Education, Medical, and others.

Increase your sales of Information Management solutions!

This is a comprehensive nine hour, instructor-led class.

The course can be delivered; group, private, remote, or onsite.

To arrange training for your group call 1-774-922-4556.

Efficiency Consultant

Who Benefits From This Training?

  • Anyone looking to increase their sales opportunities in IM
  • New-hires, Old-hires
  • Sales Managers
  • OEM & Dealer Sales teams
  • Hardware/Software salespeople

ECM Solution Sales Course Overview

Students learn how to sell process improvement solutions confidently while also:

  • Discovering the business acumen of many typical workflows.
  • Learning the 29 different terms necessary in a sales engagement so you can “talk the talk.”
  • Using terms and industry vernacular to speak confidently with colleagues, vendors, and clients.
  • Realizing the critical business drivers – the how and why of using electronic document management from your client’s perspective.
  • Identifying the parts of the manual workflow that can be eliminated when streamlining.
  • Breaking down the information management components and identifying each opportunity, whether it’s scanning services, analysis, software solutions, or cloud document management.


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