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Business Acumen for Selling Targeted Solutions

Bridge the gap between your ECM offerings and closing more sales.

This course content is focused on selling ECM technology: how it is used in today’s business environment, why your clients need it, how an ECM solution addresses their specific pain points, and how to find or ‘bird-dog’ an opportunity. 

About the Course

Our instructors use real-life situations, case studies, and examples from industry experiences.  Students learn better when they hear these examples and can relate to them. Role-plays in the classroom are extremely helpful and are always described as our students’ favorite part of the training. The instructor provides examples of successful projects and walks through the needs assessment that captured the data that helped close the sale.

Students will learn how to shorten the sales cycle by proving ROI and building a value proposition.

Learn closing techniques specific to ECM sales. And how to establish the value of selling a proper ‘Needs Assessment’ along with what questions to ask. Students will gain a solid understanding of business acumen for several workflows of typical business processes for HR, Medical, Accounts Payable, and others.

Increase your sales of ECM solutions

This is a comprehensive three day, instructor-led class.

The course can be delivered online in short virtual training sessions, as well.

For questions, or to arrange training for your group, call 1-774-922-4556.

To register for a scheduled class, check the training and events calendar. If a class is not scheduled, please fill out the form below to be notified when we schedule the next one. 

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Who Benefits From This Training?

  • New salesperson to ECM
  • ECM Sales Managers
  • Anyone looking to increase their sales opportunities
  • MFD OEM & Dealer Sales teams
  • Scanning Bureau owners and salespeople
  • Document Management sales managers
  • ECM Solution salespeople
  • Business owners and managers

Course Content

Students learn how to sell ECM Solutions confidently and easily, as well as learn;

  • how to bird-dog an ECM opportunity
  • break-down the components of ECM, each having their own revenue
  • how to perform a Needs Assessments in great detail; gather the business requirements, ask the right questions during interviews, document the results, identify workflows and create them, generate the Needs Assessment report and create and use the data to create the proposal
  • what the opportunity of converting paper files into digital records is
  • identify pain-points associated with handling paper records
  • gain a clear understanding of the scanning processes
  • the business acumen of many typical workflows
  • identify the parts of the manual workflow that can be eliminated when streamlining
  • be able to take a manual process and covert it to a digital one using the workflow module of an EDM system
  • what business drivers are important – the how and why of using electronic document management from your client’s perspectives
  • hosted, on-premise or a hybrid EDM – which one is best for your client
  • talk the talk – there are 29 different terms that are necessary in a sales engagement
  • the terms and industry vernacular so you can speak confidently


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