ECM Solution Sales Training


Bridge the gap between your ECM offerings and closing more sales.

Are you tired of selling a ‘box’ that can be compared apples-to-apples with your competition’s ‘box’? When you shift focus away from selling an MFP, and turn it into a solution sale, you gain leverage by bringing value to the sale!

Our ECM Sales training was created for the sales professional that has / is transitioning to selling ECM solutions, when they used to sell just hardware.  This course explains ECM technology; how it is used, why your clients need it, and how ECM heals their ‘pain’. You will learn the ‘value proposition’, that changes you from being a ‘salesperson’ and makes you more of a ‘trusted advisor’.

About the Course

In the classroom, our instructor, (Byron Aulick, with 30 years of ECM experience) uses real-life situations, case studies and examples from his own industry experiences. Students learn better when they hear these examples and can relate to them. Role-plays in the classroom are extremely helpful and are always described as our students’ favorite part of their training. He shows examples of successful projects he has worked on for major companies and walks through the needs assessment that captured the data that helped close the sale.

Students experience role-play, learn closing techniques specific to ECM sales and how to establish the value of selling a proper Needs Assessment. This course is a must for business owners and sales managers.

Learn How to Sell ECM Solutions confidently and easily, as well as;

  • Learn about the $4.2 billion dollar opportunity for helping companies convert paper files into digital records
  • We discuss the problem with handling paper and the pain associated, then identify the solution
  • Nail the concept – and, believe in it!
  • Understand the elements of the scanning process, and how it is only one piece of the puzzle
  • The drivers are important – the how and why of using electonic document management from your client’s perspectives
  • Get into the nitty gritty of ECM sales; perception, objections, history, methodology, and education
  • Pricing of each element from scanning and the steps involved, to hosted or on-premise systems
  • Talk the talk – there are 29 different terms that are necessary in a sales engagement
  • Listen more, talk less – learn what to listen for
  • We cover Performing Needs Assessments in great detail; how to gather the business requirements, what to ask during interviews, document the results, identify workflows and create them, generate the Needs Assessment report and create and close the proposal
  • You will learn the terms and industry vernacular so you can speak confidently with your clients and vendors
  • Learn the value that document imaging brings to your sale


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