For the office equipment dealer, client retention is an on-going battle. With competitors knocking at the door constantly, it is a full-time job just to keep the business they do have. The stats tell us that MPS has a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 10.8%, but ECM (Enterprise Document Management) is growing at 14%.

Many dealers have made the transition to offering their clients a document management solution. One reason they’ve done this is so they can add ‘value’ to the MFD

they lease them. It makes it hard to compare ‘apples’ to ‘apples’ when the lease term expires and so many other dealers are trying to get in the door.

Has your dealership made the move to selling ECM, but client retention is still a struggle? How do you stop the battle?

Adding document conversion services is a good place to start. The profit margins are 50% to 80%, and this service naturally leads to what to do with the data. Selling an on-premise document management system is fine, but do you realize that offering ECM in the cloud is RESIDUAL INCOME?

And so you ask; “How do these professional services improve client retention?”

If you don’t offer it, YOUR clients will contract with another company to provide the service, and that could lead to them possibly giving all their business to them. Build your value! Don’t fight for that client retention anymore, but rather become the ‘one-stop’ shop for all your client’s document management needs and they’ll have no reason to go anywhere else!

So, what stops you from exploring this ‘professional service’?

The ECM Institute provides training and consulting in ECM technology. We can show you how to start and operate a successful scanning bureau. We provide hands-on training that takes you through operations to the step-by-step process of high-volume conversion services.

So, don’t let “I don’t know where to start” hold you back, because now you know how to start – by giving us a call!

April Aulick, CDIA+ is co-founder of the ECM Institute. She has been in the ECM industry since 1994 and successfully operated a scanning bureau since 1996. Mrs. Aulick currently trains and consults with clients from all over the world. She can be reached at 1-508-637-1508.