Kodak Capture Pro Software Training


Learn to use Kodak Capture Pro software effectively for your in-house scanning projects or in your scanning bureau.

Learn Kodak Alaris Capture Pro Software

Learn how to master Kodak Capture Pro Software to scan any size and scope project. This course provides students with hands-on training using Kodak Capture Pro Software in a mid-to high-production scanning environment.

Students will start class with little to no experience with the software but finish the class as proficient users. Additionally, they will learn how to increase productivity and be more efficient on the scanner.

Students will use the software to complete several scanning projects in class, including scanning and indexing with multiple outputs.

Some of the benefits & content covered:

  • Students will learn to use the software to process multiple types of jobs effectively.
  • Setting up jobs
  • Saving different job setups
  • Import job settings from another PC
  • Learn all the scanner settings features
  • Changing the layout
  • Scan & capture the data from forms
  • Use all indexing methods; Zonal OCR, Database Lookup, etc.
  • Setting up and using multiple document and batch separation methods; barcodes, blank page, numbered, etc.
  • Dual Stream scanning
  • How to delete pages and documents, as well as split and merge documents
  • Output data to PDF, Searchable PDF, Kodak’s Find & View, TIFF and XML, and EDM systems and the options surrounding each
  • Learn troubleshooting tips

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to effectively use the software’s features to scan paper records into digital images. 

Kodak Capture Pro is software for high-volume capture. 

Take this hands-on training and master the features of the software.

Training Formats Available:

Virtual Online Sessions
Using remote desktop access, student must have the software installed locally and attached to a high-volume scanner.

Public and private. Call to arrange.