Book Scanning Services – Walk-in Center

Book Scanning Services – Walk-in Center


Price is per book.

Each book will be scanned, OCR’d and saved to PDF using the name of the book as the file name.

Note: OCR technology has come a long way, but it still is not 100% accurate. When you order this service, you acknowledge that there may be incorrect characters as a result. Currently, OCR technology is about 99% accurate. Re-formatting and editing of the resultant book scan is an optional service. You must request it. The fee is $47 an hr and is billed upon completion of the work.

Package Size & Result Type

Bound Book 251 – 350 pgs, Bound Book 351 – 450 pgs, Bound Book 451 – 550 pgs, Bound Book 551 – 650 pgs, Bound Book 651 – 1,000 pgs, Bound Book up to 250 pgs, Unbound Book