Business Kit for Running a Document Scanning Business

Business Kit for Running a Document Scanning Business


This Business Kit includes all the forms necessary for accurately tracking the workflow steps and processes involved in efficiently operating a document scanning company, spreadsheets, department policy, standard operating procedures, job descriptions, pricing guide, proposal and agreement templates, legal sample documents and includes a 2-hour consulting session (through Zoom or Skype).

All documents and forms are editable Word and Excel files. Each form comes with an explanation of how and when to use it and includes notes on how to properly setup a Quality Assurance program. The Policy Guidelines is a comprehensive document that includes the policy for every step, process and function of running a scanning bureau.

These documents were created over the years through trial & error and are still used today. When we started training scanning business startups many years ago, a client asked if we would consider selling the documents we used and this product came to be but until now it was only available to our scanning business startup clients that we personally helped get started.

This is a complete business kit. If you want just the forms package, you may access that here.

After purchase you will receive a confirmation email with link to download the business kit files through a secure connection.