How to Guide to Starting a Scanning Business eBook

How to Guide to Starting a Scanning Business eBook


How to Guide – Start a Scanning Services Business eBook
Authored by April M. Aulick, CDIA+, CEE with 26 years experience!

This eBook is a PDF file and will work with all devices and browsers.

This eBook is authored by April Aulick, CEE, CDIA+ certified with over 25-years experience in document imaging and management. All of the content that is delivered in Mrs. Aulick’s Scanning Bureau Startup class is covered in this training eBook. She has developed a comprehensive guide to starting and managing a successful scanning business.

In this eBook, Mrs. Aulick discusses the steps involved in processing high-volume scanning jobs, while providing tips on increasing productivity and operating efficiently. She also provides the student with the business information needed to run the business, such as: What type of space is required, personnel, the importance of implementing an effective system to manage and track the work. She also provides the facts and figures of how to price the service, describes what hardware and software is needed, along with many other business matters. She even gives some tips on marketing and selling the service.

If you are looking to start a scanning business or start a division for your company, this eBook will help get you there!


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