What is the major difference(s) in the three options for Scanning Bureau Setup training: 1. The Free Webinar, 2. The 3-HR Webinar, and, 3. The Full-day Class?

The major difference is best explained in the following manner: 1. The free webinar provides 45-minutes of a presentation that covers a high – level overview of what the scanning opportunity looks like, the possible revenue and how we can help you get started. This is usually presented to a large group and are people that are interested in the subject but haven’t made a decision. 2. The 3-HR Webinar covers details on the opportunity and possible revenue, but also covers equipment, supplies needed and more of the business matters needed to know to get started and be successful. It is interactive and has ample time for questions and answers. It is usually presented to a much smaller group and, they are teetering with the idea. And, 3. The full-day training class is only for those business owners that know they want to start a scanning business and it provides a comprehensive and complete training covering all the details along with what the steps in the process are and how each are done, and more. It can be held virtually, or in-person, and is always exclusive to one person (and their partner(s), etc) or one company.

Do you have CompTIA CDIA+ Exam Prep materials?

CompTIA has retired the CDIA+ exam as of December 1, 2017. All persons currently certified will keep their certification, which is good for life.

What is the difference between the Certified Document Imaging Expert Training course and the Certified Document Imaging Operator Training course?

The Certified Document Imaging Expert Training course does not have a hands-on component like the Certified Document Imaging Operator Training course does. This course specifically takes someone with experience, whether they are Certified Document Imaging Operator trained or have gained the experience from real-life application, and gives them further training in document imaging technology. The Certified Document Imaging Operator course provides two-days of hands-on training where the student learns how to perform batch scanning using production scanners.

These courses are offered back-to-back for anyone wanting to complete both. These trainings are held in a public classroom setting in Massachusetts. On-site training for your group is available.