Scanner Operator Hands-On Workshop


Learn the process of high-volume document conversion. We take you through converting paper files to electronic images in a high-production environment step-by-step!

This course offers two certifications

Scanning paper records, whether those documents are yours or your customer’s, the importance of the job being done correctly is critical. In this workshop, scanner operators learn to successfully understand the entire process of converting paper files to electronic format efficiently.

Certified Document Imaging Operator
Two-days, hands-on training

Students will:

  • Learn proper and effective document preparation
  • Receive a comprehensive understanding of document preparation methods
  • Gain a sense of the extreme importance of this step and why it is critical to the process
  • Learn the different separation methods and when to use each most effectively
  • How to effectively use the scanner’s features
  • Understand the scanning process; using the scanner and all of the software features
  • Gain knowledge on how to improve speed, reduce errors and create perfect images
  • Students will scan the files they prepared, learning to batch scan for high production
  • Identify acceptable and unacceptable images
  • Learn the different indexing methods (such as zonal ocr, import from a database, etc)
  • Understand how to perform QA and why it’s extremely vital to your success
  • Perform data output to: PDF, Searchable PDF, TIFF, XML and an EDM system, if available
  • How to identify issues that need addressing and when to alert management or call the customer
  • Learn strict procedures for documenting time and special handling
  • Learn troubleshooting techniques for increased productivity

After this training, students will be able to batch scan completely and confidently!

Certified Document Imaging Expert Training
Three-days, hands-on Workshop

First two-days are the Certified Document Imaging Operator training and to become Expert level, students stay for an additional day of training.

Students will learn:

  • All the training from Scanner Operator portion
  • How to manage scanning projects in a high-production environment
  • In-depth knowledge of a complete scanning project
  • Implementing a quality assurance program
  • Tracking the steps in the project effectively

Public classes are available on the calendar. This training is available on-site at your location for multiple students. Call 1-774-452-6168 for details



This training will teach high-volume scanning but does not cover many of the aspects needed to operate a scanning business. We have training available that is exclusively provided to the business owner / entrepreneur for the purposes of launching a business or scanning division. Learn more. 


  • Based on software used, students will process multiple “projects” preparing the documents for scanning according to output features of the software

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Complete step-by-step hands-on training.

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Classroom Training Only (Instructor-led, in-person)

Because of the nature of the hands-on training, this must be delivered in-person. Public and Private classes available.

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