Scanner Operator Hands-On Workshop


Get Certified While you Learn

It is critical that paper records get scanned accurately. The scanner operator is responsible for that.

In this workshop, scanner operators learn the accurate process of document conversion. They also learn how to increase production and follow a quality assurance program.

Students will perform all tasks involved in the document conversion process several times. They will become highly proficient and efficient. After class, students will feel confident they can handle scanning projects.

Certified Document Imaging Operator
Two-days, hands-on training

Students will:

  • Learn proper and effective document preparation
  • Receive a comprehensive understanding of document preparation methods
  • Gain an understanding of the extreme importance of this step and why it is critical to the process
  • Learn the different separation methods for batch scanning and when to use each most effectively
  • How to effectively use the scanner and its software features
  • Thoroughly understand the document conversion process
  • Gain knowledge on how to improve speed, reduce errors and create perfect images
  • Perform batch scanning for high production
  • Identify acceptable and unacceptable images
  • Learn the different indexing methods (such as zonal ocr, import from a database, etc)
  • Perform data output to: PDF, Searchable PDF, TIFF, XML and an EDM system, if available
  • How to identify issues that need addressing and when to alert management or call the customer
  • Learn troubleshooting techniques for increased productivity

After this training, students will be able to batch scan completely and confidently!

Cost per student, in a public class: $397 | Register Now

Certified Document Imaging Expert Training
Three-days, hands-on Workshop

The first two-days of training cover the topics listed in the Certified Document Imaging Operator training course outline, the third-day covers additional information that an expert must know.

Students will learn:

  • All the training from Scanner Operator portion
  • How to manage scanning projects in a high-production environment
  • In-depth knowledge of a complete scanning project, from creating the statement of work to producing the end result
  • Implementing a quality assurance program
  • Tracking the steps in the project effectively
  • So much more…

Cost per student, in a public class: $597 | Register Now


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Classroom Training Only (Instructor-led, in-person)

Because of the nature of the hands-on training, this must be delivered in-person. Public and Private classes available.

Public classes are announced on the calendar.

Call to arrange your private on-site class.

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This training will teach high-volume scanning but does not cover many of the aspects needed to operate a scanning business. We have training available that is exclusively provided to the business owner / entrepreneur for the purposes of launching a business or scanning division. Learn more. 


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