Scanning Business Startup Training


Learn how to start your own scanning business and be successful and profitable!


Is this the start of your research and you want to know if owning a Scanning Services Company (or division) is right for you? Start with a seminar >>>

If you have done all the research and find yourself ready to start the business but don’t know where to begin, read below.

Not sure if starting a scanning business is for you?

Then attend this half-day information seminar, you will learn what it takes to start and manage a scanning business and be able to decide if it’s right for you.

Topics include:

– Why scanning is needed
– Who needs the service
– The benefits of scanning
– What type of equipment and software is needed
– The steps of the scanning process explained
– What it takes to be successful
– The facts and figures of pricing, revenue and profit

Location: Sturbridge, Massachusetts (Venue will be provided in an email once the registration closes and class size is known.)
Refreshments provided during a short break.

Cost: $197

Starting a business, or adding another revenue stream to your existing business, takes thought, research, preparation, planning, and time – usually quite a bit of time! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could skip through all that and get right to earning the bucks?

Scanning Business Startup Training

Scanning Business Startup Training

For Business Owner's to learn all the details that go in to running the business.

This is a full-day class. It’s offered in-person or through a virtual online setting. It’s best paired with the three-day hands-on workshop, but can be taken separately. The course covers many topics! For a detailed course outline, see below…

Scan these files!

Hands-on Workshop

Learn how to perform the steps of high volume document conversion. This is real practice!

In this class we spend 2 to 3 days behind the scanner learning exactly how to process jobs; from preparing the documents, to scanning and indexing them and everything that goes with it. You’ll also learn tips on proper efficiency and increasing productivity.

Marketing and Business Strategies for Scanning Businesses

Selling & Marketing for Scanning

Learn how to sell and market your scanning services business.

This class is more than the just art of selling scanning solutions, it’s strategy and implementation too! With our time together you’ll learn a ton of helpful marketing ideas and tactics to help you succeed. Hey, you may actually complete a marketing plan as well!

Attend this one-day Business Owners training session on starting a scanning business. Some of the topics included are:

  • Get all the details of what it takes to start your scanning business.
  • Calculate costs of hardware, software & supplies, to operational costs.
  • Learn how to start on a modest budget and go through what it would cost to dive in and start operating a high-production scanning bureau from the start.
  • Find out the types of equipment and software needed based on the types of services being offered.
  • Explore the different services your scanning bureau could provide and the potential associated revenue.
  • What to price the different services and remain competitive.
  • We’ll discuss efficiencies and processes that increase your profit and bottom line!
  • Find out how to identify the scope of the project with your clients.
  • Learn what makes a scanning business successful.  Unsuccessful.
  • Review the different capture software packages. You’d be surprised how you can pay big dollars for software you don’t really use.
  • What are the risks and the potential impact they have on your business.
  • Developing your policies and procedures; why you need them and what should be included.
  • Industry Best Practices as defined by experts.
  • Learn about needs assessments, what they are and how to make money performing them for your clients.
  • Hiring personnel – who to hire, what to pay them, what skills they should have.
  • How to properly use equipment and software to get the most bang for your buck!
  • What supplies you’ll need and how much. What you’ll need right away and what can wait.
  • Space needed; how much, how to set it up and can you work from home.
  • Learn important business matters
  • Find out about the tools and resources available to help.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the entire scanning conversion process.
  • Learn all the steps of the conversion process and what’s involved in each one.
  • Get sales and marketing strategies and tips.
  • Get solid advice from experts; experts with the hearts of teachers.
  • All your questions answered!

More About Partnering With Us

Our team of professionals will always be here to support you

You are not alone in this

We know there are so many moving parts to starting a business and we can help you with more than the training side of it.

ECM Institute has created tools and resources that can help you with everything from hiring, tracking your work, implementing a quality assurance program, providing you with continued education and helping you choose the right equipment as you grow to creating your policies and procedures, presentations and proposals. We’ve got your back.

You work on growing your business and we work on supporting you.

Why choose us

We purposely and passionately want to help entrepreneurs and business owners succeed! We especially enjoy:

  • Seeing woman start their own tech businesses
  • Helping Non-profit agencies develop business opportunities
  • Adding another revenue stream to existing tech companies
  • Getting corporations involved in paperless technology
  • Taking an entrepreneur from dream to reality
  • Showing existing scanning companies how to maximize their potential

Our experience

  • In business for over 26 years!
  • Have successfully operated a scanning business for over 20 years!
  • Training is provided by experienced, certified & trained professionals! NO talking heads.
  • We have been providing startup training to new scanning businesses since 2009.

We know imaging! We not only teach it but we also do it and we continue to keep our hands involved so that we can keep our training fresh, current and relevant. We hope to work with you!