Scanning Business Startup Training

Start a Document Scanning Business!

Whether starting a new document scanning business or adding another revenue stream to your existing business, a lot goes into it – thought, research, preparation, planning, and time – usually quite a bit of time!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could skip through all that and get right to earning the bucks?

Well, you can! We can help.

We have several courses to help you start a scanning business, no matter what level of training you need. Combine them all for the best experience!

Scanning Business Startup Training

How to Start and Manage a Successful Scanning Business

For Business Owner's to learn all the details that go in to running the business.

Online, Virtual, or In-person. This course (details below) provides the business owner with much-needed information that helps to fill in the blanks about the who, how, and why.

Scan these files!

Hands-on Workshop

Learn how to perform the steps of high volume document conversion. This is real practice!

In this workshop, you’ll get behind the scanner and learn to efficiently perform high-volume document conversion in a high-production environment while producing quality images. You’ll go through all the steps in the conversion process for many project types.

Marketing and Business Strategies for Scanning Businesses

Selling & Marketing for Scanning

Learn how to sell and market your scanning services business.

In this class, we cover more than the art of selling scanning solutions. We talk about proven sales strategies, effective marketing, and lead generation that works. You’ll understand who your target market really is and why they want your services.


“April is an incredible asset to our company and our Scanning Business wouldn’t be where it is without her.” – Valerie Spencer, Didlake Inc.

Topics covered in our How to Start and Manage a Successful Scanning Business training course

  • Just what does it take to start your scanning business?
  • Identify the costs of hardware, software & supplies, to operational costs.
  • Learn how to start on a modest budget and go through what it would cost to dive in and start operating a high-production scanning bureau from the start.
  • Find out the types of equipment and software needed based on the types of services being offered.
  • Explore the different services your scanning bureau could provide and the potential revenue.
  • Pricing for profit to remain competitive.
  • We’ll discuss efficiencies and processes that increase your profit and bottom line!
  • Discover how to identify the scope of the project with your clients.
  • Find out what makes a scanning business successful
  • What are the risks and the potential impact they have on your business.
  • Developing your policies and procedures; why you need them and what should be included.
  • Industry Best Practices as defined by experts.
  • Hiring personnel – who to hire, what to pay them, what skills they should have.
  • How to properly use equipment and software to get the most bang for your buck!
  • Space needed; how much, how to set it up and can you work from home.
  • Learn important business matters
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the entire scanning conversion process step-by-step.

We also offer a hands-on option!

To schedule your in person, hands-on training please email or call us at  (774) 922 – 4556 and

Schedule to meet us in person for a hands-on instruction of How to Start and manage a Successful Scanning Business training course. Students will have the opportunity to sit side by side with us and learn the entire scanning process from the perspective of high-volume document conversion. They will complete several types of typical scanning projects. They will learn proper methods of document preparation, how to determine a document from another based on indexing criteria, they will understand the separation methods, know the ways to automate indexing, produce quality images while batch scanning in a production environment and perform proper QA at all levels.

There’s more to this picture, but it all comes together in class. I will say, after this time together, students will be able to apply what they’ve learned into the real world immediately!

Grow Your Scanning Business training course

There is a lot to growing a business, that’s for sure! The first thing you’ll learn in sales is that you must understand who your target market is and what their pain-points are. Once you have identified those, you can then present a solution to address their needs. This class will help you to identify all of the above and then show you how to implement effective marketing strategies to generate leads, provide you with the knowledge of the typical objections and how to overcome them and teach you closing skills that land clients. You need this training if you are new to document imaging!   –There’s a lot packed into this course that you don’t want to miss!

More About Partnering With Us

Our team of professionals will always be here to support you

Business Growth Support

We know there are so many moving parts to starting a business and we can help you with more than the training side of it.

ECM Institute has created tools and resources that can help you with everything from hiring, tracking your work, implementing a quality assurance program, providing you with continued education and helping you choose the right equipment as you grow to creating your policies and procedures, presentations and proposals. We’ve got your back.

You work on growing your business and we work on supporting you.

Why choose us

We purposely and passionately want to help entrepreneurs and business owners succeed! We especially enjoy:

  • Seeing woman start their own tech businesses
  • Helping Non-profit agencies develop business opportunities
  • Adding another revenue stream to existing tech companies
  • Getting corporations involved in paperless technology
  • Taking an entrepreneur from dream to reality
  • Showing existing scanning companies how to maximize their potential

Our experience

  • In business for over 26 years!
  • Have successfully operated a scanning business for over 20 years!
  • Training is provided by experienced, certified & trained professionals! NO talking heads.
  • We have provided startup training to new scanning businesses since 2009.

We know imaging! We not only teach it, but we also do it, and we continue to keep our hands involved to keep our training fresh, current, and relevant.

We hope to work with you!

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