Converting paper files to digital through scanning saves money? Really? How much?

Prospects and clients ask your sales staff this all the time! The question is; can they answer it? And with confidence! Lets talk…

Everyone is clamoring to get into software. The reason is quite simple; effective use of software yields tremendous gains in efficiency. Becoming efficient will save you money, and saving money captures people’s attention!

Today, ECM (enterprise content management) software has many benefits: time saving, compliance meeting, workflow accelerating, higher accuracy, better security, yata-yata. You get it.  But… the first thing that needs to be done is to convert all the paper [in boxes, file cabinets, under your desk, off-site, etc.] to something ECM can work with: a digital file [PDF or TIFF].

Now enter your company!! Those who are well trained and ready to scan with integrity are in a perfect position to garner lots of new business, and at 50% to 80% GP.. not a bad place to be! Did I also mention that scanning generally feeds the cloud-based hosting side? And did I say that hosting is ‘residual income’? And lets not forget that professional services are hard to price-shop… And.. that you already have x hundreds or thousands of existing customers, many of which need scanning done today!!

Byron Aulick is a 30 year veteran of ECM.