Barbados 2015



I know… it is a tough assignment. But I guess I’l have to ‘take one for the team’!

Document Management, Scanning Bureau Operations, Enterprise Content Management.. whatever you call it, it is HOT right now!  Really HOT. Companies from around the globe are seeking seasoned, experienced people that can come alongside of them to ‘mentor’ them in the right direction. Being humble enough to ask for help is the first step towards success. We have trained companies in the Philippines, Panama, Puerto Rico, S. Africa and recently in Barbados.

RL Mark & Co. [St. Michael Parish, Barbados] is an office equipment dealer for 40 years now. They see their business margins shrinking, and wanted a way to augment what the evolving technology market has taken away. Enter The ECM Institute. My wife April and I flew down and gave three trainings;

  1. Service Bureau Startup [business-owner’s class]
  2. ECM Sales [designed to help sell more ECM solutions]
  3. Needs Assessment [learning to document existing client workflows]

Then when we returned, we gave them CDIA+ certification training, teaching them the fundamentals of ECM and getting 100% of their students certified. This also transitions them from “salesmen” to more of a “consultant” role, differentiating them from their competition.

So in summary, teaching in different parts of the world is exciting! .. and relevant!