About Us

About the ECM Institute

The ECM Industry includes:

  • Document Imaging / Capture
  • Document management – Cloud (SaaS), On-premise and Hybrid Systems
  • Business Process Improvement – Streamlining Business Workflows
  • Content Services
  • Forms Processing (data extraction)
  • Business and Technical Assessments
  • Scanning Services – Document Conversion (High-Volume)

The ECM Institute, a global company, provides training, consulting and services for ECM companies and professionals seeking to increase their skills and knowledge of office efficiencies in the Enterprise Content Management industry.

The ECM Institute, a division of eWide Technology Solutions, Inc, has been providing training and consulting services in the ECM (Electronic Content / Document Management) industry since 1993. The company is 100% woman owned by April Aulick, our President and CEO, who has been in the industry for over 25 years.

The ECM Institute is responsible for training over 5,000 clients, from all around the world. Take a minute to browse our student testimonials and find out just how much they enjoyed our training. You will too! Student Testimonials.  Give us a call today (774) 452-6168.


April M Aulick, CDIA+, CEE, President & CEO


Some cool info on how the logo came to be

One night I had a very vivid dream. On a sunny morning, I was sitting at the dining room table with my back to the open window that faced the front of my house, set amid 10 wooded acres.  A strange crackling sound coming from outside caused me to turn and look out the window. As I did, I witnessed the intense, rapid growth of a tall tree – from a sapling to a hundred feet tall in seconds! As the tree grew, it’s branches popped new crisp verdant leaves one after another until it was fully formed. Of course I was awestruck!

Upon waking from the dream, I couldn’t get it off my mind. Eventually, I had to find out what the dream meant. I searched online, finding multiple sources of dream interpretations all basically providing me with the same thought: Your career is about to take off! That fast growing tree, that I will never forget, represents career growth. How interesting!

Well here I am the owner of the ECM Institute, which is a training school that provides education in ECM technology for people that want to grow their careers! Perfect idea for the logo. And, that is how our logo came to be.