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Customized ECM training with your brand
Professional Consulting Services

We provide professional consulting services to help your business with a growth strategy, marketing solutions, technology review, Business Operations, Systems Implementation, Business Process Improvement, and Performance Improvement.

We work with technology companies, corporate divisions, startups, scanning bureaus, and non-profits. As a result, our clients are able to grow revenue, increase profits, remain competitive, and sustain business growth.

Our engagements span a range of strategic issues, like:

    • corporate strategy
    • tactical business planning
    • improving operations
    • cost analysis & reductions
    • product launches
    • demand generation
  • needs assessments
  • vendor selection
  • RFP/Q’s bid response assistance
  • human resource management
  • workflow automation
  • sustaining business growth
Start a Scanning Business
Scanning Bureau, Business Startup

People are starting businesses every day and learning that to be successful it requires dedication, commitment, and time. If you value your time, hiring a coach that can help you through the startup phase and guide you towards success is a wise decision.

We have been helping entrepreneurs and business owners/managers start and scale scanning businesses for over 15 years.

There are several ways we can help. Which options work for you are based on your needs and how much time you want to commit to the startup phase. If you want to commit less time initially and get right to running your business, you will want to take advantage of all the options. On the other hand, if you are looking to start a little slower, consider the option(s) you feel will help you the most.

Scanning Business Startup

One to two days of consulting. This is time spent discussing the details that go into starting and operating the business. All your questions get answered. You learn a ton of practical information. What’s covered is outlined on our course description page>>

Document Conversion Process

This is hands-on training. Two or three days are spent learning how to perform batch scanning of paper documents in a high-production environment efficiently and while producing high-quality work. We go through all the steps in the process, from document preparation to the final result multiple times, for many project types. You learn how to use a high-speed document scanner as well as how to use production capture software.

Selling and Marketing Your Scanning Services

A day of training where you learn all about understanding your target market: who they are, why they need your services, and how to sell to them. We discuss possible objections and how to overcome them. It’s not sales 101, as this training is specific to selling document imaging and management services. We’ll delve deeply into marketing as well, and you’ll come away with great ideas and strategies for lead generation.

Technology Needs

Just what kind of equipment do you need to start a scanning business? This is not a ‘one answer fits all’ question as many variables need to be considered. We need to have some discussions before figuring that out – like, what are your business goals and what kind of revenue do you want to earn, and how many people are helping you?  Then we can figure out what you need for scanners, software, and other supplies.

We can help you stay within your budget by looking at all the options, including buying or leasing new equipment or finding used or refurbished scanners.

Business Kit

Rather than many dedicated hours that can take months or years developing a system, learning how to implement a Quality Assurance Program, creating tracking and business forms, developing policies and procedures, job descriptions, proposal templates, pricing tools, and tracking tools, we have all of it put together in a business kit. You’re welcome.

Sales, Marketing & Lead Gen for Scanning Businesses
Sales - Marketing - Lead Generation Services

We are Your Marketing Department

We work together to understand your local market and then create a strategic marketing plan that drives traffic to your door. The finished strategic plan includes the marketing sales funnel, sales copy, and many suggestions you can implement. It also includes the how-to steps for anything you need to do. We will execute the plan, build awareness for your company and brand, and generate leads for your sales team.

We will run campaigns, create press releases, manage content development, and find the best advertising opportunities. We can work as a team with shared responsibilities, or you can outsource all of it to us.

As a startup, you need to have a website, marketing collateral, social media presence, and other things we will talk about and help you get in place if they don’t exist. We want you to be successful!

Service and Support
Service and Support

When your business is growing steadily, and it’s time to scale, you may want some professional help.

Some services we can help with are:

  • Wholesale scanning services (when your project is too big and you don’t have the resources – yet)
  • On-site scanning
  • On-site operator or supervisor
  • Book Scanning – unbound and bound books
  • Document Indexing
  • Operator / Specialist training
  • Project Management
  • Telephone support
  • Hardware or software
  • More…let us know your struggles, and we’ll find the help you need
Virtual Assistants
Need Talent?

As you scale and your need for talent grows, check with us. We have a growing job board that might have the exact skilled labor you need.



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