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Certified Efficiency Expert (CEE) Training

CEE Certification is a credential that is earned after students have taken the training and certification requirements to attain the designation. It proves the student is trained and knowledgable on all aspects of ECM technology / Information & content management; from workflow analysis and image capture to sales and system management.

Become a Certified Efficiency Expert

Hands-on, high-volume batch scanning. Scanning paper files, whether your internal documents or your clients, the importance of it being done correctly is critical. Learn best practices, productivity tips and tracking work. There are two certifications available for this training course.
Certified Document Imaging Operator: This certification course teaches scanner operators, and their management, how to successfully perform high-volume batch scanning and to do it efficiently.
Certified Document Imaging Expert: This certification course adds another day of training to the operator course and covers managing scanning projects, business matters, steps in the process and implementing quality assurance.

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Scanning documents can be highly profitable, if done correctly. Starting a business, or adding another revenue stream to your existing business, takes a bit of thought, research, preparation, a plan, and time – sometimes a lot of time! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could skip through all of that and get right to earning the bucks? This training can help you do just that!

We offer a half-day public seminar for those of you not sure if starting a scanning business is right for you. Check the calendar for upcoming dates. Otherwise, our training is provided exclusively to those who are ready. Call to schedule.

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Want to sell more ECM solutions? 

This course is three-in-one. Students will learn exactly what ECM Technology is and how to properly sell an ECM solution, they will gain an understanding of the business acumen of many workflow processes and will be able to build a streamlined workflow, and they will learn how to perform a thorough needs assessment; from what questions to ask to the build out of the plan.

This is a great course for anyone in ECM Solution Sales that wants to increase their revenue.

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This course is designed to introduce students to the basics and fundamental concepts, acronyms, and terminology of document imaging technology. It is a prerequisite training to a few other courses for individuals new to the industry.

Online ECM


This training teaches the student how to use Kodak Capture Pro Software utilizing all of its powerful features. Hands-on training available.



Most of our training courses can be customized for your company.

Complete Customization

Why build content from scratch when we can take some or all of our training content and customize it with your products and services. Your team gets quality ECM training content but with the ‘look and feel’ of your company.

Course Development

D you have great content that you would like to use in a training course for your team or your clients, but don’t have the in-house talent to make it happen. Outsource it to us. We’ll use our experience, tools and resources to build you an effective training solution.

Training Partners

You’ve got a rock star training course and no delivery mechanism? Let’s partner! Our authorized instructors can deliver the training for your organization through classroom training virtually or in-person. Don’t let that material sit on the virtual shelf, let’s get it into the hands of your staff and / or clients today.
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