Our Students Love Us!

The following testimonials are just a few of the comments we receive after each class. We would list every comment we have ever received, but the page would be a mile long. {REALLY}

“I had the pleasure of taking the efficiency expert certification class from Byron Aulick this Fall. Byron is a thorough and great teacher. While taking the course, I was able to apply what I have learned to the real-world. I used the pay period and ROI calculations as decision drivers in my presentation to onboard a new software. I learned how to engage the audience upfront to get to “No” quickly. The return was over 100%, and the payback period was less than 3 months. I got to “Yes” unanimously during the first pitch.”

F. Swauncy
St. Jude

Certified Efficiency Expert Specialist

“I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their efficiency for a client or for themselves. It’s worth taking!
J. Garzi

Certified Efficiency Expert Master

“I am excited about my future goals and starting my own business because of this program.”

– D. Lamb

Certified Efficiency Expert Practitioner

“Byron was very good at presenting material that could be dry and boring in an engaging way that he was able to keep me interested for the entire class time. I would lose track of time each class.”

– K. Presberry

Certified Efficiency Expert Practitioner

“He [the instructor] demonstrates extensive knowledge on the subject. I like how he uses real life scenarios in his examples. This helps me relate to our company’s challenges.”

I. Dasallas

“Byron is an excellent teacher! He took the time to make sure everyone understood all information.”

M. Nahmias


Would highly recommend this course to anyone who truly wants to become a total solution provider for their customer.

D. Wynn
Bank of Montreal

“Very experienced instructor with real world insights, as well as test material expertise.”

JT Hwang

“Thank you for broadening my knowledge and giving me the confidence to feel comfortable working in this area!”

T. Winterberger
Ricoh Corp.


“This will be a very important tool for the sales professional to understand & use for selling value added service to increase revenue.”

E. Goodrich

“Class was fun. Byron was easy to understand and very personable. He was able to focus on our points and identify what we were strong on, so that we focused more on what we needed to learn.”

N. Lequatre
Konica Minolta

“I am glad that I (my company) chose to follow a CDIA certification training with THE authority on CDIA (DataVault, Byron Aulick) and not with other training companies.”

O. Lucas

“One of the best trainings I have ever attended in my 30 years of education. Totally Awesome.”

T. Lally
Boston Public Schools


“Would highly recommend this course to anyone who truly wants to become a total solution provider for their customer.”

L. Stricklin

Some of the companies that our students represent

The National Institutes of Health  |   Xerox   |   Fedex-Kinkos   |   U.S. Treasury Department  |  Ricoh USA  |  Ricoh Americas  |  Muratec  |  The Department of Defense  |  HP  |  Lockheed Martin  |  Lowes   |  DirecTV   |  Toshiba  |  Konica-Minolta  |  NY Department of Education  |  Boston Public Schools   |  Broward College  |  People’s Bank  |  National Archives  |  HSBC Bank