Byron Aulick

Byron Aulick

Byron B. Aulick, CEEm, CDIA, Project+, ECMm, LSSgb.

Certified Efficiency Expert Instructor

VP of Consulting

Sr. Instructor, ECM Institute

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This is my 37th year in Information Management!

In business, I have dedicated my entire adult life to process improvement in an office environment, and sales!  (You can not be successful in BPI without sales!)

All my career, I have been extremely passionate about helping companies eliminate manual errors, enhance productivity, and save money across the entire enterprise. So, I invented a new way of doing workflow analysis work that buries the competition using Mixed-Methodology, our Discovery Framework toolkit, and a Resolutionary Thinking process!

I’ve shared that with more than 4,000 students, and continue to consult with medium/large and F1000 companies to elevate their understanding of Business Process Improvement. My approach is not just about delivering information but about building a personal connection with each client.

For companies, this means greater visibility into their workflows, less waste, more work getting done, more top-line revenue, and fewer bottom-line expenses!

For individuals, this means a thorough understanding of the business processes analysis methodology (through training and certification), and one that can yield significant revenue if marketed as consulting.

I have in-depth experience and use it during each engagement to give students and clients highly specific and relevant advice. It is also built into each of our seven training courses!

Your benefit is that every course we teach is based on real-world experience—no fluff, just meat on the bone!

Students who take one of our courses learn how to identify the Current-state, create a Future-state, do a Gap Analysis, build a defensible Business Case, and deliver a Technology Roadmap. (Clients are more than willing to pay for that!!  Just ask Bain, McKinsey, BCG or EY.)

But, this requires real-world business acumen (understanding), a solid strategy, and updated technology such as AI, IDP, ECM, and RPA. I follow the “Teach, Tailor, Take Control” methodology, which allows me to educate students that by utilizing a phased approach, they can create a successful pathway that moves clients from manual to fully automated workflows.

You can be their guide toward digital transformation!

I’m proud to hold 16+ licenses and certifications, including; CEEm (Certified Efficiency Expert Master Instructor), LSSGB (Lean Six Sigma Green Belt), CDIA Instructor, ECM Master Instructor, and Project+ Instructor. These credentials are a testament to my commitment to staying at the forefront of my field. I am also well-versed in the international business processes, comfortable dealing with C-level executives, and public speaking.

Specialties: Consulting Sales training AI, Business Process Automation Business Process Management Digital Business Processes Digital Transformation Document Management Document Scanning IDP Capture Document Imaging Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Process Improvement Process Standardization Workflow Automation Business Process Analysis.

In my spare time, I enjoy time with my wife, four grown sons, and twelve grandchildren, motorcycle riding, traveling, and boating!

Top Skills:

Training • Efficiency Consulting • Coaching • Strategic Consulting • Artificial Intelligence (AI) • Business Process Improvement • Business Process Automation • Efficiency Training for Certification