ECM Sells

Ever notice that just because you are an authorized “Docu-blob” [enter your vendor name here] reseller, you haven’t closed that many sales? We see this all the time! Companies, especially copy-machine dealers, spend lots of time and money researching the very ‘best’ ECM software that they can find, spend money sending their staff out to God-only-knows-where to be trained, and then when they return, they don’t sell very many…  Something is wrong!

I submit, it is because they don’t know how to sell ECM. Not that they don’t know how to sell, but they don’t know the specifics about ECM and what ‘turns a prospect on’ in regards to handling information electronically. Remember sending staff to Docu-blob to be trained…?  They DO know Docu-blob… but being an expert on software doesn’t make the sales numbers!!

The answer; get training that is vendor-neutral, but ECM specific! Read our ECM Sales Training outline and see what you think. I think no one else does what this course does; TEACHES YOU HOW TO SELL ECM. (period)…

Byron Aulick, 29 year veteran of ECM