ECM sales

Are you ready for an epiphany: THEY LOST THEM!!

At some point [SALES] said something that peeked [PROSPECT] interest and the meeting was scheduled. Now [SALES] is so wrapped-up in the solution, they forgot the reason they are there; to solve a business problem.

Someone once said..

“They don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”.

The big issue is this: If you don’t have the foggiest idea how their business process actually works, how can you “care” much about it?

Realistically, your solution is like a scalpel on a surgeon’s tray. It can do nothing on it’s own. But in the hands of a capable doctor, miraculous things can happen, and lives are saved!

Your sales staff are the surgeons! They must be able to converse with the client, not at an expert level, but at a ‘confidence-level’ that is high enough to show they care.

So the question becomes; is your sales team properly trained in business process acumen? “..but I sent them to ‘DocuBlob’ school.” Yep, and now they are ‘DocuBlob’ experts. They can add users, configure the server, and perhaps restrict rights, but do they know how that solution specifically speeds-up the Accounts Payable process so they get -5%/Net-10? Or, do they know, how it reduces the new-hire on-boarding process from days to hours? Folks – this is where the benefit to ECM is. It is in finding information quicker and not in how your software can annotate or redact an image.

Do I care what brand tool you use to fix my truck? Nope. As long as it is fixed!

Clients don’t care either! They have a problem, and it hurts. They want it fixed! Encourage your staff not to lead with the solution. Get a better understanding of common business problems. Know the terms, speak their language, understand their workflows, then match a solution to that. This is what engages the prospect. This is what shortens the sales-cycle. This is the value that draws the high gross-profit margins. And this is what turns a yawn into a smile!

Byron Aulick is the senior instructor for the ECM Institute, consultant and subject-matter-expert in the field of ECM sales -since 1985.