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Byron Aulick was a speaker at the ITEX Show in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida last week. Topic: Needs Assessments – How and Why Strategies. A good crowd was on the scene and they had some really great questions. If you missed it, a copy of his Powerpoint presentation is available for download here >> Needs Assessment ITEX

Mr. Aulick did a great job explaining the reasons why a needs assessment is so important in the process of developing a solution for your clients. He gave a thorough overview on how to perform a needs assessment – from interviews to report generation, including what to cover in the report.

My take-a-way from the educational presentation: The best chance of closing business and selling my client an ECM solution is to have a needs assessment performed first to assess current conditions and business processes.  Then, once I understand the business objectives, developing the business solution will be easier and the right fit for my client. The assessment will teach me how and what to sell to my client, but also, shows my client how much money they can save by using my solution. Talk about a better chance of closing the sale!

The analogy that Byron used – A doctor doesn’t make a diagnosis without first performing tests – makes a whole lot of sense! Why offer a solution without first doing an assessment?

If you download the Powerpoint presentation and have any questions, give Byron a call – 774-449-8035. Or, maybe you would like to learn how to perform a needs assessment, if so, here’s a link to read about our training class >> ECM Needs Assessment Training

Author: April Aulick, CDIA+